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20/03/12: Successful Participation of NOEL S.A. at the 5th International Exhibition "ECOTEC 2012"

NOEL SA participated successfully, in the 5th International Exhibition «ECOTEC - Environmental Technologies & Photovoltaic Systems", on 15-18 March, at the exhibition center EXPO ATHENS, in Anthousa. Besides the great interest of the exhibition’s visitors for the presence of NOEL SA, the company surprised, presenting innovative solutions in Maintenance & Cleaning of solar panels.

Noel SA’s first goal is to ensure maximum performance of facilities for the duration of their life, that’s why, undertakes regular cleaning of your photovoltaic modules, using the latest technology. It is the only certified company in Greece that has the cleaning robot, GEKKO JUNIOR G3 of Swiss Company SERBOT AG.

This pioneer cleaning robot GEKKO JUNIOR G3 injects pure and deionised water up on the PV panels using a special and soft brush for the proper cleaning of PV frames.

The advantages of using are the following:

1. Perfect cleaning without empty spots

2. Quick and steady cleaning time (300 m2 – 450 m2 /h), in addition to the manual way which can reach up 50 m2 – 60 m2/h

3. Soft brush system ensures an excellent and safe result for PV panels

4. No salt extract in the PV frames due to input of deionised water

5. The use of remote control from a distance eliminates the risk of injury

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